William Ryan Fritch

  1. GoPro: Waltz On The Walls Of City Hall

    This latest video from GoPro uses my song “Hopeless Romantic”

    (Source: youtube.com)

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  3. Volcano Choir’s Jon Mueller and composer William Ryan Fritch match might on the ‘Ensemble’ LP

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  5. Death Blues “Ensemble” Record pre-order


    You can order the LP/Book here:


    My first published piece of writing is included in the book. I am honored to be a part of this positive project, and to work with Jon Mueller.

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  7. Pre-order ‘Ensemble’ by Death Blues and get instant download of opening track “Consonance”

    Listen/purchase: Ensemble by Death Blues

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  11. Purchase the Heavy EP here: http://smarturl.it/getheavy

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  13. The Pre-order Death Blues Ensemble is now up on Rhythmplex.

    It will be released September 23rd as a truly gorgeous LP/Book.

    Cannot wait for other people to be able to listen, see, and hold it for themselves!!

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  15. Listen/purchase: Processions by Daníel Bjarnason

    I don’t know how I have never heard this record, but it is nothing short of spellbinding.

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  17. Jon Mueller’s Death Blues — Non-fiction (Sige)


    Jon Mueller is not a hierarchically oriented guy. The drummer, multi-instrumentalist and conceptualist behind Death Blues has collaborated with surface agitator Gino Robair and Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon, and you can be sure that whichever he’s playing with, he’s not thinking about anyone else. The whole point of the Death Blues endeavor is to deal with right now, because you can only be sure of this — both you, and this moment, are going to end and be gone forever. They may not happen at the same time, but both events will be equally absolute. So what are you going to do about it?

    Read More

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  19.  - The Apothecary

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    Just found out that The Apothecary, a documentary I did the score for last year won the award for Best Documentary earlier this month at the 41st annual Student Academy Awards.

    The film was made by the uber-talented film maker Helen Hood Scheer, and  is still making the rounds playing at multiple festivals this summer.

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  21. Here is a short and sweet taster, or should we say some b-sides cutting room material that didn’t officially make it onto the upcoming William Ryan Fritch vinyl, ‘Revisionist’. That said, it is still a pretty damn good listen, so why not share it.

    This piece will come will the bonus material included in the William Ryan Fritch - Leave Me Sessions Subscription Series available here:

    Artwork by Joao Ruas

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  23. My new sounds:

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  25. My new sounds:

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  27. My new sounds:

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