William Ryan Fritch

  1. Emptied Animal is out today!

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  3. My new sounds:

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  5. A still point in the turning world

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  9. plays: 19

    New piece for upcoming film

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  11. "Down through the centuries, the notion that life is wrapped in a dream has been a pervasive theme of philosophers and poets. So doesn’t it make sense that death too would be wrapped in dream? That after death, your conscious life would continue in what might be called a dream body? It would be the same dream body you experience in your everyday dream life. Except that in the post-mortal state, you could never again wake up, Never again return to your physical body."
    — Waking Life

    “Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.”
    — John Lennon

    — Frankie

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  13. Probably the most candid and revealing interview I’ve ever done.
    Big thanks to Bob Baker Fish for this lovely feature.

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  15. The subscription service for my next several albums hits Bandcamp!Leave Me Sessions Subscription Series (Pre-Order) by William Ryan Fritch
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  17. William Ryan Fritch - Emptied Animal Teaser 1

    (Source: vimeo.com)

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  19. This made my Sunday exponentially better.

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  21. losttribesound:

    Benoît Pioulard's - 'Hymnal Remixes' is listed on the front page of Bandcamp, under “new and notable records”! Now that's awesome, thanks BC.

    With remixes by these fine chaps and chapette, William Ryan FritchLoscilField RotationGraveyard Tapes,SquantoWindow MagicSegueJames MurrayCock & SwanPart TimerThe Green KingdomZachary Gray,BramblesRadereWideskyRuheFieldhead, The Remote Viewer, and Pioulard.

    Stream/Buy the entire 2 Disc album, Here

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  23. This ten song album is an overture to the surrealist Psych-folk of Fritch’s upcoming LP, ‘Leave Me Like You Found Me’. Comprised of four new songs featuring his honeyed, expressive vocals over bold, panoramic orchestration and four equally engaging instrumental variations that accompany them; ‘Emptied Animal’ finds Fritch utilizing a new, evocative sound palette to stunning effect. Artwork by world renowned artist/illustrator João Ruas.

    More details coming soon!

    Music by William Ryan Fritch: williamryanfritch.com
    Artwork by João Ruas: feral-kid.com/

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  25. My first and only Christmas album.

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